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Covid-19 Data

View statistics by country or by US State

World Data

This data is courtesy of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. Population data comes from the World Bank. To view the original source data please visit their site.

US State Data

This data is courtesy of the New York Times. Population data comes from the US Census estimated population data for 2019. To view the original Covid-19 source data please visit the NY Times Github site. To view the original census population data, please visit the NY Times Github site.


The goal of this project was to give individuals a chance to view the various country and US state data available with the ability to see and compare various metrics. The idea was to enhance understanding and see the various trends and totals in some level of context.

There is a lot of hype and sensationalism about the pandemic, and it is hard to understand what is real and what is hyperbole. The goal with this is to present the data and allow individuals to come to their own conclusions.

Data Processing

The data was ingested as csv files from the respective sources and processed for use on this site. The "Daily New Cases" and "Daily New Deaths" metrics are calculated as the number of cases and deaths for that specific day. "Total Daily Cases" and "Total Daily Deaths" are calculated as a cumulative total of all of the previous days combined.

The percentage calculations are based on the total populations for the respective country or state and the number of cases or deaths as a percentage of that total population number.

Technical Information

This site is built using Javascript on a basic html site. There are many ways of doing this type of project, and I know how to use a number of other Javascript frameworks, CSS frameworks, and other web development technologies. For this, I decided to simply use vanilla Javascript with Chart.JS for the charting software. I built the styles using SASS compiled to CSS. The reason was to keep this simple. I didn't want to use a large React project, though that would have been something with which I'm very familiar. I wanted to get this put together quickly and simply. There are a few Python scripts I use to process the data from csv to JSON then into a Javascript file for use on the site. Yes, there are probably more efficient ways to do that but the goal was quick and easy.

Additional improvements will be made as time allows. If you have any interest in contributing to the site, feel free to visit the Githup project page to open an issue or create a pull request.